Friday, August 29, 2014

The Ifs

3/5 Stars

Authors Description:

*Fantasy Adventure for ages 8 and up.

Landon and Broden are brothers. Sometimes they get along. Well, sometimes they don't. But when they find out who's behind the weird happenings in their house, they are called to battle. 

Battle? Whoa. Not just one of their fun play-battles either, but a real battle in the forest with the most unusual of creatures and the wildest of animals. Can the brothers pull together when they need each other most? 
THE IFS by J.D. Pooker, cover art by Frank Walls, graphic design by David G. Barnett, published by Little Devil Books*

The Ifs is a tale of brotherhood, loyalty, and knightly valor as two human brothers fight in a great battle to save the Ifs from their rival tribes. But which tribe is in the right? Borrowing from such beloved stories as The Borrowers, Pooker adds a unique twist in creating a group of 'little people' who are seemingly self sufficient and militarized, with their their societies living in the forrest where young Broden and Landon play. When the brothers are called upon to help the Ifs, they rise to action and learn that sometimes it's not about who is right, but about who is willing to forgive.

While the storyline is in need of further development, the characters interactions and dialogue are true to life and well thought out. A few chapters were difficult to follow and while the brothers are clearly the main characters of the book, I found they were written as a narrator observing their actions rather than through the eyes of the young heroes leaving the story somewhat impersonal and one dimensional.

Overall, The Ifs is good story the target audience is sure to enjoy.

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