Friday, June 2, 2017

The Self Published Fantasy Blog Off

It's almost time! Mark Lawrence's Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off is about to begin again. All the books have been submitted, this years reading list is full, but keep up with the competing authors and see who comes out on top!

To check out all the Phase 1 entries and which Blog each entry will be reviewed by, click HERE.

As for my blog, I will not be officially reviewing any entries for the SPFBO, that is a huge undertaking that I simply can't do right now, but I have joined a few authors and bloggers in predicting the top picks for each blog-And a few of these I will definitely be reading!

Understand that this list does not contain any official picks from any listed blogger, 
These are my own predictions at who may, or may not,
come out on top in the 2017 blog-off.

I skimmed through the book lists for each site, read each book description, and based my choices off what I would read, and of those, which books had the most gripping and desirable description.

So, as per out unofficial bet on the 2017 SPFBO,
here are my top 3 picks from each site from this years nominees.

There are 10 blogs so bear with me...

Valley of Embers has been on my TBR pile since its release and I have heard wonderful things about this book from many bloggers and it's on my list to be reviewed this year.

This definitely makes my top pick from Bookworm Blues, and what I believe will be their choice for the 2017 SPFBO

#2 The Glass Gargoyle
The Glass Gargoyle by Marie Andreas just sounds fantastic. I am looking forward to reading this one and seeing how it does in the contest!

#3 Halcyon's Wake: Faith
Bookworm Blues has some great choices this year. Halcyon's Wake I've already read and reviewed and thoroughly enjoyed.

#2 Hereafter

#3 The Dragon Hunter and the Mage

#2 The Crimson Queen

#3 Andy McBean and the War of the Worlds

#1 Sand & Storm

#2 Everwinter

#3 Land of Gods

#2 The Forbidden City

#3 Nice Dragons Finish Last

#2 The Silver Strand
I've read The Silver Strand, several years ago when it first published, and I am very excited to see how far it goes in the SPFBO!

#3 The Blood of Whisperers

#1 Tuning the Symphony

Also on my TBR and Reviewed pile!

#2 The Forsaken Crown

#3 Our Monsters 
This book just sounds fantastic and I would love to give it a read.

This is one of those times where the cover got me and has me convinced this book will surprise us all.

Another book on my TBR and Reviewed list for this year, and from what I've heard, it's a real contender for a top slot. Keep your eye on Ben Galley in this contest.

The cover could use a boost, but the description was well written.

That took some real work, but there you have it. My top picks for this year's SPFBO.

Now Cast Your (unofficial) Vote! All the books for each blog site are listed on Goodreads, check out the entries, add a few books to your TBR pile, and cast your vote for the top three picks in this years SPFBO challenge.

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